All meetings and registration check-in will take place at the Westfir Portal across the covered bridge in Westfir, OR.
(GPS Coordinates 43.75891, -122.4965)


6pm to 8pm Registration Check-In
Late registration check-in can be done after 8am Saturday morning.

8pm to 10pm Meeting
  • Drawing for Self-guided Tenkara Fishing on Saturday morning fishing session
  • Door prize drawing
  • Tenkara gear swap
  • Tenkara informal fly tying


8am to 12pm Morning Fishing Session

12pm Tenkara Bug Out Ends

Tenkara Bug Out will officially end at 12pm Sunday but we encourage you to stay in the area another day or two and fish.

8am to 12pm Morning Fishing Session

9am to 10am Tenkara Clinic 
Introduction to tenkara techniques by Tenkara USA founder,
Daniel Galhardo

12pm to 3pm Lunch Break (on your own)

3pm Meeting
  • Drawing for Self-guided Tenkara Fishing on Saturday evening fishing session
  • Door prize drawing

4pm to 8pm Evening Fishing Session

8:30pm to 10pm Meeting
  • Pizza dinner (included with registration)
  • Drawing for Self-guided Tenkara Fishing on Sunday morning fishing session
  • Door prize drawing

PDF 2017 Tenkara Bug Our Schedule
Self-guided Tenkara Fishing

We've hand-picked some of our favorite fishing spots for you to enjoy. These spots will have no more than two people fishing at the same time in each spot. A drawing before every fishing session will be held to determine who will fish each spot for that session. While you don't choose your exact spot with the Self-Guided Tenkara Fishing, you will choose the difficulty of your spot. Check out the map to get an idea of where we will be fishing.

Difficulty ratings for fishing spots.

Easy spots are set aside for people who want easy access to a fishing spot. These spots can be accessed and fished without the need to wade or climb down steep embankments. You will probably still get your feet wet :)

Moderate spots require some wading along the edges of the stream/river and are reasonably easy to access from the road.

Difficult spots may require you to wade across the stream/river. You may need to use branches or roots as foot or hand holds to traverse steep embankments and difficult terrain.

Independent Tenkara Fishing

Some like to wander, explore and find their own way, we get that. If you don't want to participate in the Self-Guided Tenkara Fishing, we have provided a map to give you ideas where to go. Stop by the Wesfire Portal across the covered bridge, there will be someone available most of the day that can help you find what you're looking for.

Please leave the designated Self-Guided Tenkara Fishing spots for those who are participating in it.

​​Door Prize Drawing

Great Tenkara gear that has been donated by our sponsors.
You will have three opportunities to win!

Tenkara Gear Swap

Do you have a pile of Tenkara gear that you tried out and it didn't work for you? Flies that you never fish? Gear you have upgraded?

Bring your gear to the Westfir Portal and set it out for sale or trade.

​​Pizza Dinner

After a day on the river, join us Saturday night for some pizza. There will be veggie pizzas and the standard meat options. Pizza is included in your registration cost.
​​Tenkara Clinic

Covering all the basics of tenkara: rigging, casting, presentation and landing techniques.