2018 Schedule

All meetings and registration check-in will take place at the Westfir Portal across the big red covered bridge in
Westfir, OR.
(GPS Coordinates 43.75891, -122.4965)


6pm to 8pm Registration Check-In
Late registration check-in can be done after 9:00am Saturday morning.

8pm to 8:30pm Door Prize Drawing


8am to 12pm Morning Fishing Session

12pm Tenkara Bug Out Ends

Final Door Prize Drawing 12pm

Vendor Area Open 9am to 12pm 

Tenkara Bug Out will officially end at 12pm Sunday but we encourage you to stay in the area another day or two and fish.

9:00am Vendor Area Open

9:30am Door Prize Drawing

10am to 2pm Tenkara Presentations 

2pm Pizza Feed (included with registration) 
2:45pm Door Prize Drawing

3pm to (Dusk) Evening Fishing Session

3pm Vendor Area Closed

PDF 2018 Tenkara Bug Our Schedule 

Where to Fish

From larger rivers to small jump across creeks, you'll find a great variety of places to fish during the Tenkara Bug Out.  Here is a map to give you some ideas of where to go. If you are looking for a specific type of water to fish, feel free to ask.  

Saturday Tenkara Presentations

10 am
Fly Fishing with a Tenkara Rod
presented by Luong Tam owner of Tenkara Tanuki 

Fly fishing with a tenkara rod is a modern way of fly fishing.  It is more fun and more effective when catching fish with simple tools and simple methods.

The presentation will cover:
  • In-depth pros and cons of tenkara rod and line system
  • The essence of tenkara casting techniques
  • How to use fly rather than what fly should be used
  • Fish landing
  • Fly manipulation
  • Different fishing styles and fishing in different types of water

12 pm 
Diggin Deep (Advanced Nymphing Techniques)
presented by Jim Vandagrift

Combining past & present styles from all over the world, Jim will share what he has gleaned to be an effective style of nymphing with a tenkara rod for this region.  

The presentation will cover:
  • Fly selection
  • How to set up your line and flies
  • Casting techniques
  • When to set the hook

1 pm 
Guided Casting Practice

presented by Luong Tam & Jim Vandagrift

Take this opportunity to practice casting a tenkara rod.  To keep this focused on the casting aspect of tenkara, this will be a dry run off the water casting practice.

Click Here For Where to Fish Full Size Map
​​Pizza Feed

Before your Saturday evening fish join us for some pizza. There will be veggie pizzas and the standard meat options along with some cold all ages beverages.
​​Door Prize Drawing

Great Tenkara gear that has been donated by our sponsors.  Will be given out during the Tenkara Bug Out
Check the schedule for opportunities to win!